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Sferyx Tools Library: 
Unprecedented Power & Flexibility

Today is possible to have exactly what you need without having to make long lasting researches, consultations, invest in development and waste time in testing and consolidating things that are just created, never used and not secure. We have already done all this for you: we have created a library of useful components  which are tested, proven and consolidated in everyday business operations. You have the freedom to select, choose and customize the components you need for your web site in order to add all the functionalities necessary for your everyday activity. Once done the setup and activation of what you have chosen, you will receive continuous support always when you need it. 

If you don't find the exact component, you can always request it from us, specifying what are the concrete peculiarities of its functions. We will evaluate your request and deliver you the adequate solution.

Currently in our library are available the following components:

User Login System
User Subscription System
Automated FAQ System
Order Management System
Product Expo System
Configuration Options for Product Expo Component
Automatic Payment's Receipt Generation Component
Automatic Invoice Generation Component
Shopping Cart Component
Payments Balance Control System for Resellers
Payments Balance Control System for Customers
Payments Balance Control System for Administrators
Service Renewals Schedule System
File Upload System for Customers
Personalized Discounts for Resellers Component
Configurable Promotions and Discounts Component
Configurable Policies for Users System
Payment Feedback Component
E-mail Notification Component
Report Generation System for Orders
Report Generation System for Sales
Report Generation System for User Interest
Sales Statistics for Products and Services Component
Order History Component for Resellers and Customers
Order History Component for Administrators
Internal Bulletin System for Registered Users
Dynamic Web Site Sections Component
Personalized Pages for Users
Search System for Products and Services
Customer Support Ticket System
Billing Center for Resellers
Billing Center for Customers
Billing Center for Administrators
Banner Rotation System
Statistics and Analysis Tools for the Dynamic Parts of your site
Voting System for Products and Services
User Polls System
Mailing List System
Administration Console

Soon all this components will be available for direct order on-line. For the moment you should contact the customer support at support@sferyx.com if you want to order certain component. We are working for you!

Coming soon:

Centralized Accounting Package
Chart Generation System
Various Exports and Imports for your products and services
Remote Database Synchronization System
In Stock Availability Component
Marketplace Exchange System

NB: Soon all the above components will be available for use with wireless devices in WAP format.

For more details: Web Site & Company Presentation Packages , Web Portal Packages , Add-ons

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