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How to become a reseller

Interested in expanding your business?
Become a Sferyx reseller. You will receive access to your reseller's control panel, discounts and preferential support. With our help you can extend your profits and expand your customer list.
Currently all requests to become a reseller have to be send to the sales department at  sales@sferyx.com. However you may be interested in reading the information bellow about our resellers program.

If you  want  to become a  reseller of  Sferyx products, you have to go through the following steps:

  1. Study the information  in the site of Sferyx and specially in this section

  2. Fill and submit the reseller’s registration form  

  3. Accept and submit  the reseller’s  agreement.

  4. Make the “serious intent payment” of 100 euro to guarantee your engagement as a reseller. This payment will be refunded back to you with the first two sales you realize.

  5. Download  the reseller’s manual and study it. It may help you to organize and develop your sales

  6. For all problems you may encounter - consult the reseller’s support section

Products Catalogue
You can download the Sferyx  product’s catalogue directly from the Sferyx  web site and distribute it as you wish. Depending on  the clients, you can present the Sferyx products on PC or with printed catalogue.

Offer validity
Sferyx reserves the right to change the prices and sale’s conditions in accordance to the markets conjuncture

Terms of payment
The payments for the sales  are organized as follows:

- advance payment - 30% of the total price to start the production process
- balance  - 70% of the total price at the consignment of the  product for  sums 
  up to 5000 euro

in 3 - 5 payments  for sums over  5000 euro with the progress of the project in 
  accordance with the realization program given as appendix to the standard 
  contract for product creation

– in 45 – 90 days average depending on the volume of the work for the project.

Express orders
Express orders
will be accepted and contracted separately according to the type and the conditions of the order.

Reseller’s discounts  vary with the volume of the sales achieved as shown bellow:

Sale’s volume in number of packages sold






Web Site Packages 10% 15% 20%
Web Portal Packages 10% 12% 15%
B2B Solutions 10% 12% 15%

Trade mark - all products  of Sferyx are marked with the logo of Sferyx, registered trade mark.

The relations with the resellers are arranged with the  resellers agreement.

The reseller’s manual is the basic working instrument the reseller could use to organize and  to control  his/her sales activity.

The resellers have a multilevel support from Sferyx as follows:

  1. FAQ - to consult the frequently asked questions

  2. Tutorial - specific cases online consultancy

  3. Sferyx technological instructions

  4. Sferyx support department to be contacted by the control panel, e-mail, or phone/fax  

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