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Startup companies:
get all at once, easily

Why starting new activity should be a difficult process? In the creation of company image, web site, logo etc, very often the new businesses are loosing a lot of time and resources only to get started. We have studied and developed entire algorithm for the preparation of the companies to get into business immediately. Once we have received your materials - company description, photos, product list, etc., we can create for you your new image to the world.

What you will receive from us:

- your web site prepared and working
- your e-mails configured
- your company logo and company style
- your company catalogue prepared as a PDF file ready for download from your web site or to be printed on your color printer. Cheap, fast and easy. In this way you can print copies only when you need them, without investing money for thousands of printed catalogues.
- Optionally, if you want,  you can have also interactive CD-Rom as ISO Image ,so you can copy it whenever you want.

Sure, you are free to add to this all additional features you may need from the options available as add-ons.

For more details: Web Site & Company Presentation Packages

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