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IBM Lotus Notes integration manual for the Sferyx JSyndrome HTML Editor Applet Edition

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1. Can the Sferyx HTML Editor Applet Edition and the Sferyx Equation Editor be integrated into the IBM Lotus Notes - via Domino Designer and server to Web client and the Lotus Notes Thick client?

Yes, the editor can be fully integrated and is working both via web and the Thick Lotus Notes client - it will work with all Notes versions since version 6 - from older to newer ones. The integration can be done directly within the Lotus Notes Domino Designer in a completely visual manner. The integration is immediate by following the simple steps described in the integration section below.

2. How can I integrate the editor into the IBM Lotus Notes system?

The installation is very simple and does not require even a single line of code on your side and consists of simply installing the module. Follow the steps bellow:

Open the Lotus Domino Designer and go to the Form Document or other item where you want to insert the applet.

1) Make sure that Java Applets are enabled - to do this do the following:

  1. Go to the menu File --> Preferences --> User Preferences.
  2. In the Basics tab, scroll down the Advanced Options list and select "Enable Java applets."  Note that If "Enable Java applets" is not listed, contact your system administrator.
  3. Click OK.

2) Import the HTML Editor Applet classes:

When importing the applet you should select import all files not only the classes.

You can do so as follows:

In Lotus Domino Designer go to "Create" menu

"Create" --> "Java Applet" --> Select the Base directory where the applet is located --> Select the applet's JAR file through the button "Locate" -->  Put the class file name in the field "Base class name" to sferyx.administration.editors.HTMLEditor.class --> When selecting applet files select "All" checkbox and then select and add the JAR file

If you look at the applet properties in the Main menu --> Java Applet in the designer there should be always DocBase and CodeBase like those:

DocBase: .../tytt.nsf/16527D3F4D57663085256663005C86A8
CodeBase: .../tytt.nsf/16527D3F4D57663085256663005C86A8/$FILE

where the codebase includes the entire file.

If you have done everything correctly you should see the applet running inside the Lotus Domino Designer. You can make sure the applets are allowed to run inside the Designer by going to the Main Menu --> View --> Show --> Java Applets running --> this checkbox should be selected.

The applet can be run in Lotus Domino Designer and Lotus Notes both in a form or document items. To run the document with the applet from the Lotus Domino Designer into the Lotus Notes Client go to the Main Menu --> Design --> Preview in Notes or Preview in Browser.

3) Set the applet parameters:

You can set all the HTML Editor Applet parameters as for any other Java applet used inside the IBM Lotus Domino Designer - simply follow the procedure below:

Go to the objects pane for the current document - there you will see in the objects tree also the entry for the HTMLEditor applet like the screenshot below. At this point you can select the applet and add the applet parameters you want - please note that the applet parameter values should be enclosed inside quotes "" otherwise they will not work. For the full list of available applet parameters please refer the User Manual and the FAQ.



3. How to configure the file uploads for the Sferyx JSyndrome HTML Editor Applet Edition within the IBM Lotus Notes Domino Client and Server?

You can enable the files uploads from the HTML Editor Applet to the Domino Server for example through the servlets API supported by the Domino Server. You can use any standard file upload servlet for to handle the applet uploads - please refer to the standard Domino documentation on how to enable, install and run servlets on the Lotus Domino server. Furthermore you can easily configure the necessary  applet parameters directly from within the Lotus Domino Designer.

4. What advantages could bring the integration of the Sferyx HTMLEditor Applet, Equation Editor and PDFExport into the BM Lotus Notes Domino Client and Server?

In first place this way out of the box there are delivered both advanced HTML and Equation editing capabilities for the entire system combined with instant PDF generation capability. Furthermore, the Sferyx HTMLEditor is capable of publishing many files simultaneously which is very useful when for example is pasted a Word document which contains many images and other external linked files. This way only by submitting the form everything is sent to the server and the entire document is published within seconds without the need the user uploads all files separately, renaming them and linking them back to the document. All this is done automatically by Sferyx, also it is capable of generating unique image filenames in order to avoid name collisions. This saves a lot of work both for the users and the developers and gets the work done within seconds and if you add to the whole this thing also the PDFExport it can generate on-the-fly PDF files from the documents and publish them together with the HTML to the server.

Sferyx HTML Editor Applet Edition running inside the IBM Lotus Notes Domino Designer:


Sferyx HTML Editor Applet Edition running inside a IBM Lotus Notes Thick Client instance:


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