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What is your case?
You are a Startup? - Sferyx gives you a jump start solution to all your needs - web site, catalogue, logo, CD-Rom etc. in one package. Check it out here. You are already on the web but feel to be missing something? - we give you all the tools needed to have complete operability over the net with your customers, resellers, partners. Check it out here. You are ready to automate your  work through Internet but you don't want to make big investments? - convert your Web Site to a Web Central with order processing, resellers network, and all B2B components you need. Pay it monthly at small rates. Check it out here. You are big enough to think beyond the boundaries of the  simple business? - we can help you to unleash all your creative and organizational power - Web Portal solutions as a service. Is that what you were dreaming of? Check it out here. You are a Design Agency lacking in programmer expertise? - we are ready to support you giving dynamic power to your design. Our server-side solutions can be easily integrated into your work. Check it out here. You feel to be  born reseller? - enlarge your business and incomes through our reseller program. You will receive discounts, preferential support and much more. Check it out here.
Portal Packages
Start your portal now - you can have your own customized portal. No high development costs, hosting & support included.
Portal upgrade features - once started your portal grows with you. New features, new services available at request
E-Commerce Solutions
Your products are not suitable to be paid with a credit card? - who said you cannot make successful e-commerce? We can organize your sales in order to operate successfully on the net, with advanced payments, receipts, invoices -  automated. With the payment feedback the client can even notify you about the bank transfers.
Design services
You are bored of your existing web site or want something special? - we are ready to help you enjoy your Internet-side of your business. We are oriented in creating particular, not standard design solutions to make you unique on the net. 
Company Presentation Packages
Jump start for companies  - we can give you all you need at once: web site, e-mails, company catalogue ready for printing or download from the web for your customers partners and resellers, interactive CD-Rom. If you want to be presented with style and elegance we can create you a logo and even a promotion strategy.
More is better - when you need to expand but there is no room for you, we can give you a hand - with our commercial and business components we can enrich your web site to make it good for your needs. All you need is here - just wish it.
Integrated Packages 
Sferyx® R-Net™ - gives you the power to control your resellers network. Anywhere, anytime - you have the control. Your resellers have the tools and the support to give their best. All this works to enforce your business as never before. Sferyx carries out all the tasks to deliver this solution without any effort from your side. 
Sferyx® R-Net™Mobile - soon all the power of R-Net will be available also wireless. It  will be offered as additional service for who wants to be off limits. Stay tuned, it's coming.
B2B/B2C Components
B2B components - we constantly develop new business and commercial components to deliver you all the solutions you may need. The components are available separately or packaged in complete solutions. The choice is yours.
Standard components library - in our component library you can find a lot of prebuilt business components ready to be integrated into your web site and work for you. They are reliable being tested and can be customized for your needs.
Developer tools
Common framework for developers - Sferyx currently works on the development of easy to use flexible framework for developing business solutions based on the Javatm Technology. Stay tuned for upcoming releases.

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